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Ken,Titi Gina, Mom, Justin,
Bernie and Me
in New Jersey
We are Family
Attn: Family and friends:
If you have a photo you would like to
add or replace please e-mail it to me
and I will put it in. Love ya!!
My Cousin Samantha from
I love my family !!!
#1 Grandpa Sam  !!!
My brother Kenny,
my Uncle Bernie and me at
149th Street in the Bronx, NYC
Do you  think I
can push
him in??
Annie & Joshua in Puerto Rico
My Aunt Lydia
My Cousin Alexia Grace
and her friend!
My cousins: Mike, Joshua
and Andy with my Mom
Sexy Mama!!!!
she lives in California
My Cousin MiMi
My brother Justin, me, and
Samantha @ Wet & Wild
My Brother Ken
Mom & Dad
Que Linda..
in da house!!!
just chilin'
up in NYC!!!!!!
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Starz Expose'
My Mom, Aunt Lydia, Cousin Faith,  
Aunt Delia and Uncle Tommy
in California.
Titi Gina and my brother Ken
Nancy and Lil' Frankie
2009 Christmas with Grandma Nellie
Lauren and Samantha all grown up!!
Justin, Dad, Grandma, Mom, Me, and Kenny
Melissa my cousin
in NYC
my Titi Lydia, cousin Melissa and her Dad: my Uncle Willie
(Lydia and Willie are my mom's siblings)
My Cousin Lexie and her Mom: my Titi Lydia
Melanie, Titi Lydia and Lexie
my cousin Lexie with our Uncle Bernie
(My Mom's Brother)