(ft Young Plowe)  

  • Lake Brantley HS Dance Team
  • JGroove Studio Elite Team

  • Diamond Girls lead
  • a group of Aspiring Talented Young Ladies
  • Sing and Dance  
  • Lauren choreographs
  • Pop, Hip Hop, and R & B
  • YouTube.com/Lauren4ever link>

  •  Cadette Girl Scout  (7years )
  •    friendly and helpful
  •    considerate and caring
  •    courageous and strong,
  •     responsible and respectful
  •     willing to help make the world a better place

  •      Cheerleader
  •     team building
  •     confidence

Studio One Dance Team: Video

  •     acting: building characters, improvisation

  • click on the links:
  •    Grease movie plot with new music
  •   create and teach dance routines for local students
  •   acting
  •   giving back to my community
  •     Backup Dancer

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on the set of
July 3rd 2008

Yeah, that's me singing one of my original songs!!
Lauren Rodriguez